Roll & write game made for Weekly Game Jam #148: "Mirror"

You and your opponent take turns to determine where dice will be placed on a grid. When you go second in a round, your dice placements must mirror your opponent's.


The objectives change with each game. The goal is to get as many dice as possible to match each of the objectives. The objectives for the rows are shown on the left side of the board, and objectives for columns are shown at the bottom of the board.


Each objective is scored based on the number of dice that meet that objective:

1 die: 1 point
2 dice: 2 points
3 dice: 4 points
4 dice: 8 points
5 dice: 16 points
6 dice: 32 points


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Really nice concept, the only slight issue I had was in seeing where I could place the tiles after the CPU's turn. Apart from that its really good. Great Job!

I really like the concept! I was a little confused at first, but it was pretty easy toget the hang of after a couple of turns. Well done!

Dang, this is brilliant! Nice work, could see this as a casual mobile game or actual boardgame.