I didn't spend lots of time on this one. I started on the jam on Friday night with a space exploration type of game, but I decided I wasn't really feeling it. I started this game late Sunday afternoon and finished Tuesday night. 

I might drop back in here and add some more levels before the jam ends.

Asset credits:

  • Space background: Kenney (space shooter assets)
  • Sword: Kenney (UI adventure pack)
  • Stairs: Kenney (RPG tiles)
  • Floor tiles: Kenney (Sokoban pack)
  • Character: 2D Game Art Bundle (purchased in the Humble 2D Game Dev Bundle) 

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Made withConstruct
Tagsweekly-game-jam, wgj


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I found a sword!

If you worked on this game more, I'd play it more. It's relaxing watching the walls open and collapse.

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This is pretty cool! I found a sword! <3

I really love simple minimalist and bug-free this is. I'm not sure if the stars are on a different z-axis, love how it feels floaty-ish!!

If you don't mind, could you share how you did the dynamic lighting? :) I'm trying to do something similar for a 2D tilt-puzzle game I'm working on. I have a design on it based on Fog of War mechanics, just gotta figure out how to program it. xD


I'm using Construct 3, which makes it really easy to do the lighting. You just set up the walls as having the shadow casting behavior and then have a shadow light that moves to follow your player's movement. Built-in stuff like this is what really sold me on Construct after using Phaser & Unity for a while. Hopefully your game framework has something similar!

Construct 3 also makes it really easy to set up a parallax layer like I did for the stars.

Regarding the sword and bug-freeness, I wanted to have an animation happen when you pick up the sword that shows the player jumping up and down holding the sword, but I couldn't get that one to work for some reason. Maybe I'll revisit this sometime and fix it. 😆

Cool little game! Love the dynamic lighting